Abstract Art

Farbstudie Quadrate, 1913

by Wassily Kandinsky

Abstract Art developed a revolutionary approach to the nature and purpose of painting. The abstract art movement influenced many artists internationally. Abstract Expressionism, an influencial movement in American art that flourished during the 1950's, popularized abstact art as never before.

Abstract art rejected many of the customs and tenets of previous art. In particular, the artists discarded the idea that a painting has to tell a story, or even has to create the appearance of reality. Abstract art emphasized color, the physical qualities of paint and the way that paint interacts with canvas.

It was an era of extremely large paintings, ones that would cover an entire wall of a room. To exaggerate the qualities of the paint, often areas of the canvas would be left unpainted in contrast.

Some of the best known Abstract artists are:

Like many art movements, Abstract art was not widely appreciated in its time. However, today it has become recognized as one of the most revolutionary and pivotal art movements of all time. The purity, creativity and imagination in Abstract art makes it one of the most popular art styles today.

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Abstract Art Styles


Abstract Examples

Abstract - Jackson Pollock


by Jackson Pollock

Abstract - Rothko

(Green, Red, on Orange), 1951

by Mark Rothko

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