Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne Biography

French Painter, 1839 - 1906

Paul Cezanne was the oldest of the Post-Impressionists, a term that describes a group of artists who passed through an Impressionist phase but who became dissatisfied with the limitations of the style and pressed on beyond it in various directions.

Cezanne was a man of intensely emotional temperament. His early work was inspired by Delacroix and the Romantics, with heavy impasto and highly personal, expressive brushwork. Cezanne's art was founded on the inner logic of the design and disregards the external logic of appearances.

Pommes et Oranges - Paul Cezanne

Pommes et Oranges

by Paul Cezanne

Cezanne began to paint bright outdoor scenes, but never shared his fellow Impressionists interest in "slice-of-life" subjects. He believed that all forms in nature, and in art, were derived from basic geometric shapes—the cone, the sphere and the cylinder. He began to search for a harmony of form and color. Cezanne took liberties with "reality". He strove to uncover fundamental, permanent qualities beneath the accidents of appearance.

From 1882, Cezanne lived in isolation near his home town of Aix-en-Provence and challenged himself to apply his expressive discipline to landscape paintings.

Pommes et Biscuits - Paul Cezanne

Pommes et Biscuits

by Paul Cezanne

"I have perhaps come too early," an aging Paul Cezanne told a young artist. "I was the painter of your generation more than my own."

It was not until 1895 that Cezanne, at age 56, was finally given a one-man show in Paris. Picasso called Cezanne "my one and only master". Monet, Renoir and Degas bought his paintings, but critics and the public dismissed his work.

Finally living as a near recluse, Cezanne labored away, producing more than 950 oils and close to 650 watercolors in his lifetime of art.

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Cezanne Plate with Fruit & Earthenware

Plate with Fruit & Earthenware

by Paul Cezanne

Cezanne The Bathers

The Bathers

by Paul Cezanne

Still life with Cherries and Peaches - Paul Cezanne

Still life with Cherries and Peaches

by Paul Cezanne

The Card Players - Paul Cezanne

The Card Players

by Paul Cezanne

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